Spring May Be The Best Time For Rustproofing.

If you’re beating yourself up a little because you never got around to rustproofing last fall, fear not. There may be a better option than your first choice. People don’t realize that the spring is a crucial time in the development of corrosion. This time of year, we see temperature spikes, and it’s those freeze-thaw cycles that pushes moisture and humidity into places corrosion starts.

Fluctuating temperatures and a season of grime make the possibility of rust more likely than ever. It’s like condensation on a bathroom mirror. You’ve got cold steel that gets hit with a rush of heat and humidity from the ground, and it creeps into crannies and between panels really well.

We also use increasingly complex chemical formulations to salt our roads. The magnesium chloride now in common use is very sticky; the idea is it will stick to the road better, requiring fewer applications, and be more effective beneath anticipated precipitation. The problem? That sticky nature also sends it up into the underside of your vehicle, where it also sticks with a newfound tenacity.

Rust prevention isn’t just about the body panels and seams. Brake lines, electronic connections, sensors, every point where there is a weld or one type of material meets another is susceptible to corrosion. An annual application of Krown treatment bonds to all of those surfaces, and is also sprayed into very specific points inside your car’s frame and body.

If you’re worried that you just let your new car go through a winter of salt and brine unprotected, don’t be. Krown Rust Control is applied with a high pressure that displaces the moisture and crud. A light oil will drip a little afterwards but it’s environmentally friendly and is actually the delivery system for the rust inhibitor. Your protection isn’t leaking or washing away.

The Krown product is self-healing and is constantly creeping, remaining active to continuously repel moisture and keep it away from the metal surface. In addition, unlike coating-type products, Krown penetrates into even the tightest seams and spot welds to deliver a much more effective and comprehensive rust protection application.

Our unique, environmentally-friendly product does more than just protect against rust. It also lubricates moving parts and protects electrical connections, helping to reduce your vehicle maintenance costs. An annual Krown treatment is one of the best investments you can make-saving you thousands of dollars over the life-cycle of your vehicle. With over 300,000 vehicles treated each year, we are happy to be the #1 leader in automotive rust protection. 

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