How To Choose The Right Floor Mats

How To Choose The Right Floor Mats

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about auto floor mats. But, considering the amount of dirt, mud, water, slush you track into your car every day, maybe you should. All that muck isn’t good for your vehicle. A set of custom-fit floor mats can dramatically improve the looks of your car’s interior while also reducing the amount of wear and tear on your stock carpeting. And when you compare the cost of a new set of car carpet mats to the cost of having a new carpet installed, the floor mats are an incredible bargain.

The Right Floor Mat

Utility floor mats (sometimes called floor liners) are designed to stand up to the demands of work and play. Some of these durable all-weather floor mats have raised surrounds to corral dirt and liquid; others use deep grooves or honeycombs to keep things under control. Cleaning up slush, mud or spilled drinks is easy – just hose the floor mats off and let them dry.

More about Utility Floor Mats

For SUV’s, vans, wagons and crossovers, you’ll find the perfect cargo liner to protect your vehicle from the wear and tear of hauling cargo or pets. With some styles, you can even order your cargo liner to match your utility floor mat.

More about Cargo Liners

Luxury floor mats add a touch of style to your vehicle. Deep, soft pile carpet (some up to one-half inch deep) will make your feet feel like they never left home. A rich variety of styles and textures will ensure that your car’s interior decor reflects your taste and sensibility. Some Some custom-fit floor mats can even be personalized with your initials, your car’s emblem or the logo of your favorite sports team.


The Right Fit

The floor mats you see in your local retail store are “universal fit” vehicle floor mats. Basically, that means the mats will fit a wide variety of vehicles–just not very well. That’s why we don’t carry “universal fit” mats. You and your car deserve better.

We are able to order you custom fit mats that the manufacturer has actually created mat patterns for your exact vehicle to guarantee the best fit. That doesn’t necessarily mean they always match the factory patterns, by the way. In many cases, our manufacturers actually improve on the design for an even better fit! All of our custom-fit floor mats feature non-skid backing, so they stay in place for added safety.


The Right Color

Carpet floor mats come in a variety of colors and there’s almost always one that will look just right in your vehicle.